1. Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

There are a lot of homes on the real estate market, so that means there is a lot of competition for you. To draw people to your home over the competition your home needs to look its best outside. Take care of any landscaping needs and if the front of your home looks sparse, add some landscaping to improve its look. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, just a few shrubs or maybe even some flowers to brighten things up a bit. Remember: eye appeal is buy appeal and if your home looks good, people will be very interested to see it.

2. Repairs and Upgrades

Is anything in your home broken or severely outdated? It would be good to fix them before you list your house on the market. Buyers don’t want to look at anything that is run down, worn looking, or severely outdated. You don’t need to go crazy here either, just do the bare minimum to elevate the interior of your home. Maybe apply some fresh paint to a wall, maybe upgrade your kitchen appliances if they are obsolete and look like they are obsolete, maybe replace worn out end tables/chairs, maybe update your lighting if a room looks too dim; the list goes on and on, but it’s important to focus on small, affordable improvements.

3. Staging

Staging is extremely important because it can really show off how good home looks. Staging is the addition of low-cost amenities and improving the general cleanliness of a home. It is usually simple things like adding some new décor elements, adding/replacing basic furniture like end tables and chairs, de-cluttering rooms that are too full, and arranging everything so it has the best visual appeal. Most people make a decision on a home in the first few seconds they see it, so it is important that the home looks its best. Properly staged homes always sell faster than homes that are not staged because they attract and hold the interest of interested buyers.

4. Photography

First impressions matter the most when buyers are looking for homes on the market. Your home will make its first impression to buyers when they look at pictures of it online, so it is important that the pictures look good. Pictures need to be taken with a high quality camera and they also need to be interesting to grab the attention of buyers. Don’t just take flat pictures of rooms and walls: get creative. Try out different camera angles to make photos look more dramatic, play around with different lighting scenarios, and don’t feel like you need to squeeze everything into one shot. Good photos are the first step to drawing interested buyers to your home.

5. The Right Agent

The right agent is probably the most important thing to consider when selling your home. Joan McGowan is the right agent and she will sell your home fast. Best of all she already knows how to do all of the other steps mentioned above and more! She also knows to properly price your home, how to expertly market your home so it reaches the most buyers, and she will communicate with you regularly so you know exactly what is going on. Joan is a Realtor, a Senior Real Estate Specialist and she is an Accredited Buyer Agent. Joan sells homes fast and on the gallery page, you can see just how quickly she has sold homes in the past; some in as little as 4 weeks! Joan will work non-stopped to sell your home, and getting in touch with her means you are well on your way to a successful sale.

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"Joan McGowan is the ultimate in professionalism! She helped us so much! It's a stressful time thinking about changing homes and she was there 24/7. I ... more "
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"Joan worked hard to get agents/buyers to look at the house. Professional pictures instead of snap shots from a broker's camera made for a better ... more "
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"What stands out to me about Joan is her availability and willingness to go the extra mile for a client. I am from Bergen County and I was considering ... more "
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